8 Powerful Steps to Unlock Self-Sabotage and Set Yourself Free from Emotional Eating

Love Yourself Slim and Healthy this Summer

Workshop Recording

In this workshop you will gain powerful tools to help you undo a lifetime of negative eating patterns and self loathing and learn to love yourself.

If you are fed up of your emotional and comfort eating; if you are ready to shine and do the work to feel confident around food and within yourself, then please give yourself the gift of this free workshop. I’ll be letting you know how you can join our courageous and lovely Overcoming Emotional Eating group programme, with a super special bonus available for those live on the workshop with me.


Click here for all the details for the Overcoming Emotional Eating Programme

Special Workshop bonuses available until 8pm Friday 22nd June 2017

Check out GLOW here

31 Responses

  1. Anita de Vries
    | Reply

    Hey Saskia!
    Please send me information on GLOW please. Are you running a 7 day course?
    Warm hugs

  2. Anita de Vries
    | Reply

    hello all from Anita!!

  3. Lynsey Clayton
    | Reply

    Hi Saskia. Happy to be here! I purchased your book a few years ago at the Yoga Show in London and have been following you ever since.

  4. Anita de Vries
    | Reply

    yes of course!

  5. Carol
    | Reply

    Hi Saskia
    Nice to see you ‘in the flesh… well almost!’

  6. Josee Parsons
    | Reply

    Checking in from Colombia!

  7. Mad
    | Reply

    Hi Saskia, made it even if it’s for a bit. Xx

  8. Suzanne
    | Reply

    Hi there Saskia – its me checking in. Lovely to see you again!

  9. Anita de Vries
    | Reply


  10. Lynsey Clayton
    | Reply

    I tend to comfort eat when tired or relaxing in front of the TV. Otherwise when I am upset, or fed up or had a long day at work.

  11. Lynsey Clayton
    | Reply

    And for a celebratory event, yes!

  12. Lynsey Clayton
    | Reply

    I worry that I am not getting enough nutrients, or count my fruit and vegetable portions a bit much. Then I worry sometimes about conflicting information i.e coconut oil is good for you, then suddenly bad for you etc…

  13. Anita de Vries
    | Reply

    Identified completely with secret eating
    my children watching my portion sizes!
    my family eat so much……..I hate eating too much

  14. Anita de Vries
    | Reply

    Always dieting….

  15. Mad
    | Reply

    came from a family where food so important. So much food plied on me even when full. Still happens when I go back to visit dad. Feel full horrible and have visions of exploding because of the pain.

  16. Mad
    | Reply

    So don’t eat, or sometimes eat too much.

  17. Lynsey Clayton
    | Reply

    I want to and look and feel like I have a healthy body. I don’t want to keep body shaming myself for areas of extra fat I have. I am not hugely overweight, but sometimes I feel like I am. I don’t want to be super skinny, just feel like a more healthy weight.

  18. Lynsey Clayton
    | Reply

    My stomach also bothers me! My husband tells me I’m not as fat as I think, and that I am seeing something different to him! Totally get that about being obsessed with the huge stomach!!

  19. Carol
    | Reply

    Really want to up my game with a healthy body and feel confident in that body. Really also want to get rid of the metabolic issues that plague me. I know it can be done. I’ve read that other people have done it but somehow I feel that it is eluding me. I know what to eat… so often feel that either I am stupid or just mad.

  20. Josee Parsons
    | Reply

    I see myself as a beautiful overweight woman. I love eating clean but instead of eating what I like I eat what my husband likes because it’s easier! since we live on the road. I want to be fitter!

  21. Anita de Vries
    | Reply

    I love this marble thing…….i will start this because it will be a positive start that i need. and nobody will know what i am doing!

  22. Mad
    | Reply

    Have made a lot of changes over the last year, feel so much better, just need the courage now to put my foot down gently with Dad to say no, I can’t eat so much and enjoy the lesser amount and be comfortable. Rather than abhor the wonderful home cooked Indian food because of it being so overwhelming!

  23. Josee Parsons
    | Reply

    I’m ready to move forward!

  24. Mad
    | Reply

    Thank you Saskia !

  25. Lynsey Clayton
    | Reply

    Thank you Saskia. This was really useful. I really appreciate you offering this for free tonight and taking the time.

  26. Anita de Vries
    | Reply

    Just want to say…..you look extremely well, great to have you back.

    A very positive evening thank you

    • Saskia
      | Reply

      Thanks Anita! It’s lovely to be back and to be connecting with my beautiful soul sister tribe again 🙂 xxx

  27. Johanna
    | Reply

    Loved this. I totally agree with you. I myself am an emotional eater and have been working on it for a year now.
    This is very inspiring!!!

  28. Josee Parsons
    | Reply

    Thanks Saskia. Very inspiring, do you think i will be able to follow while traveling. Internet connection? availability of produce, nuts etc ?

  29. Alison Gardner
    | Reply

    Hi Saskia,
    Sending you and the group lots love and healing light.
    Very good topic and a life long learning / growing.
    In gratitude,
    Alison xxx

  30. Ali Migliorini-Stubbs
    | Reply

    Saskia – what a star, some really powerful comments there to take away and mull over, thanks so much for the continuing inspiration and for taking the time to put together such a thought provoking presentation! X

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